Synthetix Weekly - June 23rd 2021

Synthetix DAO Elections

If you are an SNX staker don’t forget to vote in the DAO elections. Vote here.

Debt Hedging Refresher for SNX Stakers

The team posted a refresher on debt management for SNX stakers, check it out here.

BTC Shorting Rewards Discontinued

SCCP-125 has been implemented and rewards on shorting BTC will be ending. The 8k SNX will therefore go to SNX stakers during the weekly claim.

Reminder: Close Old EtherCollateral Loans

This is a reminder to close your old loans before the 25th of June. Info on the deprecation of EtherCollateral loan contracts can be found here.

The addresses, loan ID's, and collateral amounts for outstanding loans are listed on this spreadsheet.

Synthetix Discussions

SIPs 132, 135, 145, 149, 151 were presented to the Spartan Council. Listen here.

Account Merging Live

With SCCP-126 implemented, another 14 day period of account merging is live. This allows SNX stakers to merge their escrowed SNX balances from multiple wallets.

There is a simple UI for account merging available here. See the #announcements channel in Discord for more detailed instructions.

sDEFI Rebalancing

SCCP-98 is coming soon, rebalancing sDEFI. In order to do this, sDEFI will be suspended for trading for approximately one week.

Synthetix C-Ratio Telegram Bot

This new Telegram bot can send you c-ratio alerts. See this simple tutorial for instructions.