Synthetix Weekly - April 28th 2021

Synthetix Stocks

Stocks are live on Kwenta! You can now trade: sTSLA, sFB, sAAPL, sAMZN, sNFLX & sGOOG. sCOIN & sMSFT were also added in the Regor release. Full post.

Incentivized FAANG Balancer Pools

You can earn SNX rewards for providing liquidity to FAANG Balancer pools. Details.

New Crypto Synths

In addition to the launch of FAANG stocks, Synthetix has added three new DeFi Synths, sCRV, s1INCH, and sRUNE.

L2 C-Ratio Increased to 1000%

If you are on L2 you will see a target c-ratio of 1000% now. Please see the SCCP for the reasoning. Keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat so this will not affect your share of the rewards.


Synthetix Discussions: SCCP-98

Kain on Encode Club.


Synthetix is sponsoring the Open DeFi Hackathon.

Synthetix Ambassadors

The Synthetix Debt Pool Mirror Index (SMI) snapshot vote reached approved status.

The Ambassadors are looking for someone to write two Aave Improvement Proposals.

Delegate your AAVE to the Ambassadors. Info.

Curve vote to get stkAAVE rewards for AAVE and sAAVE pools.

Synthetix grantsDAO

Request for Grant: Digital Marketing Specialist.

Request for Grant: Explainer Video.